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TWD Magazine 4th Collection Interview: Fariel Shafee — Poetry Contributor

For me, creativity is the way to connect with the world. Many of my creative pieces, if not directly related to my experience, are shadows of my feelings expressed through words and art, or are narrations of experiences through the eyes of another character that I try to put in the shoes of people I know. Creative pieces hence let me bare myself of my emotions, while also helping me understand other people. When I find it difficult to relate with a person, from time to time I try to define a character and imagine living that person’s life. It is also a great way to find empathy and understanding for persons I perhaps would not want to relate with otherwise.

TWD Magazine 4th Collection Interview: Lorraine Wilson — Poetry Contributor

Creativity can also be less of a mirror and more of a window. Can I, with my experiences and world view, show something to someone else that changes their perceptions? Can I cause them to see other perspectives, to understand the experiences of others a little better. In today’s political and social climate, I spend a lot of time thinking about this, about the extent of responsibility and ability that creators possess to make the world a kinder place. I don’t have the answer, but I do believe it warrants thought.

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